'Stay up too late at night and sleep too long in the morning'

My story …

58, single, long term unemployed - two years. Formerly middle management  making over $100k / year.

My search …

·        Recruiters - they must be very busy pounding square pegs into round holes because they don’t return my emails or phone calls. 

·        Big search engines - useless. Better to put your resume into a bottle and toss it into the Pacific, someone will get back to you!

·        Networking - dried up. Besides your friends and former constituents are not hiring. 

·        No current prospects. 

My Life  …

·        Stay up too late at night and sleep too long in the morning

·        Drink way too much. Way, way too much.

·        Unemployment benefits exhausted. 

·        No health insurance - but three hospital visits in the past year.

·        Stare - stare at the computer screen, stare out the window, stare at your image in the mirror, stare at the ceiling fan. 

·        Skills eroding - that happens when there is no intellectual activity. 

·        Social life - none. I’m no fun.

·        Sex - none. Women would sooner hear you have Hepatitis then learn your unemployed. Besides  there is no T & E budget.  

·        Living off cashed out 401k’s. Mortgaged the future.  

·        Depressed - big time.

·        Think suicide every day. 

Peter K., via email

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